Exploration #188. Garzificio Sanas Ginelli was one of the most important manufacturers of fabrics and cottons for medication in the last century. These buildings housed the bleaching plants for the raw products, plants initially driven by the power of a large water wheel, which is still present today. The main building was elegantly constructed with crenellations on the roof, almost reminiscent of a small castle.
The company went out of business in 1998, selling everything and paying everyone, without betraying employees and suppliers. The closure was due to a number of factors, first and foremost the biblical payment times for health care, which easily reached 420 days without interest, and the arrival of many low-cost products from China, which reduced operating margins to zero.
The buildings were sold to a satellite company of Marriott Hotels, which tried to build a hotel with 200 rooms and a helicopter landing strip. The inflexibility in granting permits by the Lombardy Region and the Ticino Park (where the former industry is located) led to the failure of the project and left the buildings to complete abandonment and neglect.