Exploration #161. Novaceta S.p.A. was an Italian company operating in the chemical-textile sector, producing continuous acetate yarn (Rayon Acetate) from cellulose triacetate derived from trees. This was a highly complex and specialised process, only achievable by a few companies in the world: Novaceta was the European (60% of the European market share in 2001) and world leader in the sector. The quality of the products was very high and appreciated by all customers. Novaceta brand Rayon Acetate was used to produce fabrics with a soft and delicate hand, silky appearance, bright and vivid colours, good breathability, hygroscopicity, antistaticity and comfort. Foulards, ties, shirts, ladies’ dresses, velvets and tapestries were just some of the final products.

The company was founded in 1951 as a joint venture between SNIA and Courtaulds to create cellulose acetate-based fibres. In 2003 it was sold to GZ Fin, as part of a process of rationalisation of SNIA’s activities. On the impetus of the new ownership, together with Bemberg and Nuova Rayon, it gave life to BembergCell, with the aim of creating an Italian cellulosic pole of excellence. But the project was never fully realised and the world crisis in the sector caused difficulties that proved to be irresolvable, leading to the bankruptcy of BembergCell and a 66% reduction in production at the Magenta plant.

Subsequently, the site, together with its 400 employees, was taken over in 2007 by MCM Holding, which presented an ambitious industrial plan that foresaw an increase in production and turnover, which for that year amounted to 27 million. Unfortunately, the plan did not take off and in June 2008 production was stopped, an event that raised the suspicions of the trade unions, who feared property speculation on the vast and centrally located area. In 2009 the employees were laid off and in 2010 the company was admitted to bankruptcy proceedings and went into liquidation. Since then, the site has been abandoned. After many years of abandonment, the site was demolished in 2023.

These factory was in the same industrial group with the SNIA Viscosa di Varedo, also abandoned.

Site reporting the history and historical images of Novaceta in magenta: Stabilimento Novaceta Magenta.