Exploration #136. Papierfabrik Cyclonkessel is an abandoned coal power plant in the Black Forest region, Germany. This area of the Black Forest had large forest deposits and many rivers essential to the paper production. For this reason, many paper factories were established in the region. This power plan was part of one of these industries which was found in the 1884. The factory prospered for over a century but in the mid 1990s it began to have financial difficulties and at the begging od 2000s the factory was closed and abandoned.

The power station was built in the early 1920s to provide electricity to the paper factory. It features Siemens turbines and Steinmuller boiler. In the course of In the course of the 1950s the power station was upgraded with two new Siemens turbines and a KSG Steinmuller Cyklonkessel boiler (a cyclone type boiler, burning crushed coal from a top fed system). I visited this nice location in 2017 and sadly it was ruined by many graffiti.

Not far from this location is another lovely abandoned coal-fired power station: the Peppermint Power Station.