Exploration #194. The cement plant was founded in 1886 by Giacinto Guffanti in Albino and expanded three years later. It was the cement plant that supplied the cement for the construction of Milan’s Central Station. With the crisis that occurred during the war, the company entrusted the sale of its products to the Agenzia Generale di Vendita dei Cementi Portland e delle Calci Idrauliche, to which eight other Lombardy companies belonged (including Italiana Cementi), which dissolved in 1919 due to the continuing difficulties of the market. Giacinto Guffanti then accepted the capital participation of Italcementi, the only one able to overcome the crisis, which became the sole owner of the complex in 1921.
The plants were renovated in the 1940s. About 250 workers worked at the cement plant, which mainly produced Portland cement. Its particular location did not allow for expansion and, due to various economic crises, production was stopped in 1976. However, the factory remained active for a few grinding operations until 2005, after which it closed down. The whole complex was demolished in 2019. The photos are from two visits: 2014 and 2018.