Exploration #190. ILTE Industria Libraria Tipografica Editrice was an Italian company operating in the graphics sector of publishing. It was the printer of phonebooks.
The company was founded on 26 April 1947 under the name Istituto del libro italiano. In 1951 it changed its name to ILTE and became a state-owned company, first under the control of SIP, then of STET. In addition to phonebooks and the Pagine Gialle of many Italian provinces, it printed medium- and large-circulation periodicals, art books, and school manuals.
Between 1995 and 1998 ILTE was privatised, first coming under the control of Seat and then being sold to New Interlitho Italia. In 2015, a branch of the company was sold to Enerprint S.r.l. of the Mazzucchelli group and it was slowly discontinued. In 2016 it closed for fraudulent bankruptcy due to financial statements that did not correspond to the reality of the company. The site was completely emptied of machinery, probably sold to pay off debts, and then left to abandon.