Exploration #163 Until a few years ago, these vast empty spaces housed a dyeing plant with more than 80 years of history behind it. The factory was family-owned and employed around 80 people. Its incredible end began in 2013 when it was accused of spilling pollutants into the adjacent Olona river, an accusation the company immediately opposed, also because the owners had always been attentive to the environmental cause, modernising the purification plants over the years. However, an investigation was opened and the owners were repeatedly attacked, including by the local media. These attacks continued in 2016, when they were accused by anonymous letters of spilling sewage into the Olona River, when in fact the company was already in bankruptcy proceedings and had been closed for three years. In 2018, the trial ended with the dismissal of the case because the fact did not exist, but obviously the factory had already been bankrupt for some time and closed down for ever. On the outside, the factory still retains its charm and its orange hue, but inside all that remains are the empty sheds and a sad billboard showing the division of the last shifts.