Exploration #120 Bärenquell brauerei. Berlin’s Bärenquell brauerei has its roots in the Borussia brewery, founded on the same site in 1882 by Max Meinert and brewmaster Alex Kampshenkel.
In 1898 the Borussia brewery was bought by Schultheiss-Brauerei AG, which continued and expanded the site as “Brauerei Schultheiss, Abteilung IV“. The task of this location within the Schultheiss group was to supply the area around Berlin.

In 1949 the company was renamed Schultheiss-Brauerei Niederschöneweide and in 1954 it was finally renamed “VEB Schultheiss-Brauerei Niederschöneweide”. In 1959, the East Berlin offices of the former company were dissolved and the independent company “VEB Bärenquell Berlin” was founded for the first time.

After the fall of the DDR in 1989, the Bärenquell Berlin brewery was sold several times and finally closed on 1 April 1994. Only Henninger’s distribution remained in place for a few years. Further production of Bärenquell beer initially took place in Kassel, with the word “Berliner” replaced by “Original” in the subtitle Berliner Pilsener Spezial.

After Henninger ran into increasing financial problems and was eventually taken over by its Hessian competitor Binding-Brauerei, the rights to Bärenquell were sold to Brauhaus Preußen Pils GmbH in Pritzwalk. This company produced it as a further brand in addition to the house brand Preußen Pils. The Oettinger brewery bought Preußen Pils GmbH in 2006 and ceased production in Pritzwalk at the end of 2008, so that since 2009 no more beer has been produced under the Bärenquell brand name.

In 2023, part of the complex was redeveloped.