Exploration #50. This hotel was built in 1899 on the side of a very nice lake in the Austrian mountains. It had 70 room, 35 with mountain view and 35 with lake view. In addition to the guest rooms there were still dining rooms, lounges and a garden pavilion. In 1929, the interiors were rebuilt whereas the appearance did not change much. Only the dining room got an extension. It must have been a beauty in those days: it was very popular and a lot of wealthy and royal visitors booked a night in here. Also Christian Heurich, the Washington DC’s most dominant brewer (he established in 1872 the Christian Heurich Brewing Company, the largest brewery in the District of Columbia) stayed in this hotel.
Unfortunately the hotel had to close in the 1960’s due to owner’s problems and since then it is empty and decaying.
The condition of the building seems to have worsened massively in the last years but as of early 2018 all entrances were locked and some works happened inside. Maybe there will be a prospective buyer..