Exploration #47. Drizzle and fog .. the perfect time to explore an abandoned crypt. We are in Bulgaria in the direction of an ancient Orthodox monastery that we reach after a tortuous climb up into the mountains. Let a small group of people leave, suddenly appearing in the fog and on a pilgrimage to the still active part of the monastery, we begin the search for our destination.
The monastery, sacked and rebuilt several times during its history, was one of the largest in the Country. In 1991 due to a landslide a part of it was damaged and then abandoned, including the small church dating back to the year 1891 that we are looking for.
The search is not difficult and in a few steps we reach the old cemetery, in the middle of which stands the little church. Unfortunately his door is tightly sealed but we can find an easy access to the underground crypt. As soon as we cross the small entrance we find a series of ancient skulls lined up on wooden shelves. In the crypt there are also many bones and several wooden boxes probably containing other bones. On each skull and box there are inscriptions. The writings remember the name, dates of birth and death, the job in the monastery and possible awards. A very particular and unique place of its kind and above all not vandalized or looted. Leaving the crypt we take some shots of the abandoned part of the monastery and then return to shelter ourselves from the drizzle in our car.