Exploration #170. This wool mill has its origins at the end of the 19th century, in 1873 to be precise. In a short time it became one of the major national industries, so much so that at the beginning of the twentieth century Lanificio Rossi was the largest Italian wool company, with numerous factories in the region. Many other activities were set up in parallel with the factory: workers’ housing, schools, after-work clubs and many social works.
Lanerossi produced woolen fabric for various purposes and exported it all over the world. In spite of this, at the height of the economic boom, Lanerossi went through a period of crisis from 1955 to 1957, due to poor management decisions. In 1956, in order to revive and restructure the wool mill, Giuseppe Eugenio Luraghi was called in as president and managing director and in a very short time he was able to achieve prodigious results.
The share price’s spectacular gains on the stock exchange led to a great deal of speculation on it, which initially caused the main shareholders to leave, and then the success of an acrobatic and unscrupulous stock market “climb”.
In the following decade, however, the linificio again experienced a period of severe crisis. In 1987, the group was acquired by its competitor Marzotto, who, however, no longer invested in the Lanerossi brand. The various factories were gradually closed and dismantled. This plant was closed in 2005 and emptied of all machinery, with the exception of the thermoelectric plant, which was finally demolished in 2021.