Exploration #132 Cartiera Aquila. This location has housed various activities during its history. As early as 1881 there was a spinning mill, although its date of construction is unknown. The date of 1881 is known because there is a document showing that the factory requested the construction of a bank wall along the river, so as to channel the water for spinning uses.

In 1920, the ownership changed and a cotton mill was set up, which only after ten years was closed and the mill converted into a paper mill. After the Second World War, in 1950, the entire property was acquired by the “Cartiera Vita Mayer“, which renamed it “Cartiera Aquila”. Following the bankruptcy of the Mayer paper mill in 1977, the plant was converted into a plastics company and renamed Trifenica Aquila.

The latter business closed at the end of the 1990s and since then the whole area has been in a state of complete abandonment. Over the years, weather has caused many structures to collapse, vegetation has taken over courtyards and some buildings, making them unreachable.