Exploration #88. Dr Anna’s house was the medical surgery and home of a german doctor specialised in urology. Even if everyone calls this place Dr Anna’s there is no evidence to any Anna anywhere in the house, but only to Dr K who lived at the property with his wife and his collegue Dr C who worked at the surgery.
Dr K was born in 1910 and died at the age of 78 in October 1988. The property was still used after his dead
th, probably by his wife.
The building is now in an advance state of decay and the upper floors are beginning to collapse. The lower floor were the surgery, including an operation theatre, examination room, a store room and a large library of books in german and english, evidence of the education of the doctor.
There used to be jars with preserved human organs, but over the years the organs have been gradually stolen (even if the jars remain..).
The upper floor were the living area, including a room with a well preserved Steinway Grand Piano. The other rooms were unfortunately not at the time of our visit. Many photos were around the house, evidence of travel and their opulent life.