Exploration #10. Monument of the Three Generations. The Monument of the Three Generations dominates skyline of Perushtitza. It is a memorial monument built in 1976 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the April uprising, which indirectly provoked the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule in 1878. It was built on the historical peak “Vlasevitsa” which is also the place of death of the three old negotiators from Perushtitsa who were killed by the Turks during the uprising, and also houses their monument.
A 70 meter-long sculpture composition celebrate the liberation movement of 1876, the communist uprising of September 1923 and the socialist revolution in Bulgaria of September 1944. After the political changes the red star on the top of the monument’s bell tower was removed. Nowdays the monument is abandoned and the three tone bronze wreath covering the ossuary of the heroes has also disappeared.

Architects: Bogdan Tomalevski, Ivan Nikolov Sculptors: Dimitar Daskalov, Sekul Kroumov, Velitchko Minekov.