Exploration #101. The Mario Luraschi Institute was a mountain summer camp for children with respiratory problems. The building was built in the 1935 and in the 1937 it became property of the Fascist Mutuality.
On April 25, 1945 a garrison of Nazi soldiers and some soldiers of the Rapubblica di Salò barricaded themselves inside the building, but the next day they surrendered without bloody events.
After the war, in 1947 the institute passed into the hands of the I.N.A.M. (National Institute for Health Insurance), which in 1977 was replaced by the National Health Service. In 1978 the summer camp was abandoned due to mass tourism to tourist destinations and the advent of drugs that made staying in a community unnecessary. The institute was finally abandoned in the summer of 1979 and was recently sold to a Swiss private citizen. I visited this location in 2014; although abandoned for more than 40 years, the structure was still in good condition, with a lot of furniture inside. Nowsdays all the forniture has been removed and the structure is very vandalized.