Exploration #92. This villa was owned by the owner of a textile factory nearby. The business was established in 1856 by a frenchman. The founder’s son took over the business in 1899 and in the same year he built the luxurious mansion in sight distance of his factory.
The interior of Villa Amelie were very refined, wood paneling in the Gothic style, stucco, tapestries, marble fireplaces and precious decorations. Precious furniture decorate this place. In the attic, a huge library filled with books, showed the power and the wealth of this cultured family.
The textile factory got destroyed during WWII. After WWII the former success was not reappearing and in 1969 the owner had to sell to company to an investment group. It was in service till 1981, when it was finally shutdown. The widow of the last boss lived alone in the mansion until 2000 when she moved to Paris and never came back. Since then the place has been nicely decaying until 2014 when the main building was set ablaze by vandals.
Next to the mansion there was a large chapel with an organ of a church of 1748 and several small rooms (a workshop and a hobby room) which survived by the fire. The organ has already been stripped from valuable metal parts, but even the empty wooden shell looks gorgeous. In addition to the organ there was also a wonderful rare automatic Welte Mignon Piano.